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Best Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar, East DelhiInside a business, startup or a corporation, there are many transactions that happen simultaneously and continuously Tally Training Course. keeping a record of these transactions is not just important but mandatory too as these record will help businesses to pay tax accordingly and can also help businesses to get investor as the first thing the investors look at is the record and profit & loss statement of a company which can be made by tally Institute In Delhi. As businesses are understanding the importance of tally for their business they are now looking for individuals that can manage and operate tally easily. That’s why there is a huge demand for individuals who know tally and that’s why we teach tally so that you can take the advantage of its growing demand by learning tally from the Best Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar, East Delhi.

Course Highlights

At (DHI-Digital Hub Institute) is Best Tally Training Institute In Nirman Vihar Delhi, we teach every module of tally that can help you to get a good job at a good company. Our trainers have in-depth knowledge and practical experience of tally which they are ready to share with you. Modules of tally which we teach are as follows Tally Training Institute In Nirman Vihar Delhi:-

Tally Course in nirman vihar

Basic Accounting

  • Complete Book Keeping
  • Preparing Statement of Accounts
  • Creating Ledgers/Masters
  • Accounts Recieavables & Payables
  • Editing Voucher Numbers
  • Classification of Heads
  • Daily Base Reports
  • Bills/Vouchers & Cheque Printing
  • Dynamic View Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation Statements
  • Bank & Cash Flow Statements
Tally Course in nirman vihar

Advance Accounting

  • Multiple Companies
  • Split Company
  • Maintaining Multiple Currencies and years
  • Non-Accounting Vouchers
  • Post-dated Vouchers
  • Create and Modifying Voucher Types
  • Creating Debit Note and Credit Note
  • Ratio Analytical Reports
Tally Course Institute In Delhi

Basic Inventory

  • Create Stock Items,Stock Categories & Stock Groups
  • Creating Multiple Godowns and Units
  • Batch Wise Details (Expiry Date Handling of Stocks)
  • Creating Compound Units
  • Tracking Through Reciept Notes/ Delivery Notes/ Rejection In/ Rejection Out
  • Purchase Order & Sale Order Process
Tally Course in nirman vihar

Advance Inventory

  • Bill Of Material
  • Job Work Process
  • Reorder Levels
  • Stock Ageing Analysis
  • Batch Wise Reports
  • Point Of Sales (POS)
Tally Institute In nirman vihar Delhi


  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
  • Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
  • Income Tax Amendments
  • E-Way Bill
  • Payroll

What is Tally Course Nirman Vihar How it can help us?

Tally is multinational company with name Tally solutions Pvt. Ltd which is basically known for enterprise or business accounting software. It is founded in 1986. It’s headquarter is in Bengaluru. 

As tally is brand these days almost a lot of the company In Nirman Vihar uses it for their business. It got more popular among us because of its smooth usability and clear user interfaces. Its updates are user friendly and more reliable.  I still remember the GST rule added in India. Due to GST rule in India there was some distribution in official documentation as it was applied for Tally Institute In Nirman Vihar. But it dint took a long for tally to launch updated version of it where the audiences could found GST option for their calculation accordingly. 

Yes! There are a lot corporate usable software in market but its confidential with its feature as it might have designed according to limitation of their company uses. But in Tally Course there are more advance feature with versatile usability.

What do we mean by Tally ERP and some numbers? The latest One is Tally ERP 9.

Tally is company but basically we know it as accounting software. ERP stand for Enterprise resource planning  and the number after is the updated version of the software. It was before 8.1 and some more but now its 9 as this point of time. 

Do you have question in your mind “I am willing to know more about tally institute nirman vihar and what all module or topic is there”? 

Sure I am going to explain it one by one. As above you knew about tally and let talk some technical terms tally course nirman vihar about it. 

The major functionality you must know to be expert in tally is mention below:

Basic Accounting,  Advance Accounting,  Basic Inventory,  Advance Inventory,  Statutory/ Taxation.

Each of the functionalities their features.   

Basic Accounting : In Basic Accounting you will come to know about these pointers – Complete Book Keeping, Preparing Statement of Accounts, Creating Ledgers/Masters, Accounts Receivables & Payable, Editing Voucher Numbers, Classification of Heads, Daily Base Reports, Bills/Vouchers & Cheque Printing, Dynamic View Reports, Bank Reconciliation Statements, Bank & Cash Flow Statements. 

Here you will practice to work at financial part and its segments through Tally Course In Nirman Vihar. You will come to know of making reports and statements. 

Advance Accounting:  In advance accounting this all topics will be practice Multiple Companies, Split Company, Maintaining Multiple Currencies and years, Non-Accounting Vouchers, Post-dated Vouchers, Create and Modifying Voucher Types, Creating Debit Note and Credit Note, Ratio Analytical Reports.

Basic Inventory: Create Stock Items,Stock Categories & Stock Groups, Creating Multiple God owns and Units, Batch Wise Details (Expiry Date Handling of Stocks), Creating Compound Units, Tracking Through Receipt Notes/ Delivery Notes/ Rejection In/ Rejection Out, Purchase Order & Sale Order Process. 

 Advance Inventory:  Bill Of Material, Job Work Process, Reorder Levels, Stock Ageing Analysis, Batch Wise Reports, Point Of Sales (POS)

Statutory/ Taxation: Goods and Services Tax (GST), Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), Tax Collected at Source (TCS), Income Tax Amendments, E-Way Bill, Payroll

Learn complete course from basic to advance Tally ERP 9 in 3 months from Digital hub institute located in Nirman Vihar near metro station. Along with course get software installation from training institute. We are best in training Tally Course In Nirman Vihar with our experience trainers. 

Learn Tally Course In Nirman Vihar functions step by step. After completing of the Tally Institute Nirman Vihar you can be more confident in it. You will learn all the advance function of accounts which you may have read in theory but here while practice everything will be clear. Tally is one of the commonly used accounting software these days. 

Using Accounting software or managing data system is a serious job. Here for handling the account of any company you have to very much practical for it. As we know there are a lot of accounting software in market and company prefer according to their uses but tally is one of the secure and mostly used accounting software. For managing the company account you have to skilled yourself with good knowledge of the accounting with basic terminology. It will make you learn the tally application smooth and you can be expert in this. Here in tally every tools or function has its own importance.  And it is more reliable to easy to learn as there is a well-managed program and logic implemented in Tally ERP Training Institute In Nirman Vihar.

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Why You Should Learn Tally Course In East Delhi From Experts?

There are many Tally Institutes in Nirman Vihar, Near Laxmi Nagar that are claiming to be the best Tally Course Institute In Delhi, But almost every one of them is lacking some things that make the Best Tally Institute In Nirman Vihar, Delhi. For example, many institutes are new that’s why they don’t have much experience in managing and teaching students and preparing them to get a good job. On the other hand, there are some institutes that have the experience of teaching tally training course delhi but the trainers they have are either inexperienced or lack practical knowledge.

Why DHI Is The Best Tally Institute In Nirman Vihar, Delhi?

No Doubt, Digital Hub Institute is the Best Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar, Delhi Because it is one of the few institutes that has both the experience and dedication of teaching tally course to the students in an interactive way. DHI has also tied-up with many companies and institutions that are looking for good Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar, Delhi. That’s why DHI has a good placement percentage of 98% which is very high if we compare it with other Tally institutes In Nirman Vihar, Delhi.

Job Opportunities After The Tally Training Program

Audit Executive.

Accounts Executive.

Senior Accountant.

Financial Analyst.

Account Manager.

Accounts Admin Executive.

Some Reasons Why DHI is the Best Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar?

We can’t tell you all the reasons as there are many. But we can name the few key reasons that make DHI the best Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar, East Delih. These are as follows:-


Over 1000+ Trainees and Hundreds Making Right Choice Every Month!

  • Quality Education

We Believed from the beginning that if we want to get known as the Best Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar, Delhi. Then we have to provide quality education at a reasonable price. The way by which we provide education is unlike any other Tally institute Nirman Vihar, Delhi. We believe in doing things practically that’s why we provide live projects that can help anyone to learn tally and accounting perfectly. We also teach accounting terms from the basic level. So a student from the arts or science field can also learn tally training course in nirman vihar, delhi.

  • Industry Expert Trainer

We Have  5+ years Industry Experience  Trainers. who trained student via completely practical training, they provide best tally training to students and help them to job ready in companies. Our Trainers are not only teacher they are completely Practical professionals. Also give their best in Tally training institute delhi. Our Trainers are available for weekday batches and weekend batches as well.

  • Placement Assistance​

At DHI The Best Tally Institute In nirman Vihar, East Delhi we understand that all the student that wants to do the course of tally want to have a good job that’s why we provide 100% placement assistance with advance interview training.  we are into this industry from last seven years so that we have really good tips with companies for student placements. With our training, many of our students got a good job and that’s why they call us The Best Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar, East Delhi.

  • Flexible Timing:- ​

We understand that many people can’t take regular classes because of some reason that’s why we also provide weekend batch for those students so that they can do the course without any problem, we also provide backup classes. So if you missed any class or want to take a class again then you can tell us and we will arrange that class for you.

How Digital hub institute is going to guide you for your better career in Tally?

Digital Hub Institute one of the best tally institute in nirman vihar, is focused for the trainees studies and their quality education during their tally course period. We also consider students performance so we can guide them accordingly. Our Goal is not only to complete the tally course nirman vihar, we want to make student more confidence about what they are learning during training course nirman vihar and what better they can do after the course as well. 

The best part of Digital hub institute is we arrange interviews for the deserving candidate and we nurture the student who still want to practise more to get better knowledge in Tally ERP.9 Course In Nirman Vihar.


After completing my 12th I was looking for a job because I wasn't in a good financial position. then a good friend of mine suggested I do the course of tally at that time I got very confused about why is he telling me to do the tally course as I was from arts field and knew nothing about accounts or tally. But my friend convinced me to take a demo class from the Best Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar. So I decided to take a demo class From DHI and after taking demo I decided to complete the full course. and today I am proud of my decisions because today I work in a good company earning 25000rs/month only because of DHI.


When I was Looking for the Best Tally Course Institute In Nirman Vihar I get really confused as there are lots of institutes in Nirman vihar. But if there is one institute about which I heard most about is Digital Hub Institute. So, after taking hearing so many good things about DHI I decided to take a demo class from DHI. After taking a demo class I understand why they are known as the Best Tally Course Institute In Delhi. I don't wanna spoil your experience so if you want to know what I experienced during the demo class I would suggest you take a FREE demo class From Digital Hub Institute as soon as possible.

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